How to start an Amazon FBA business?

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Today we have a guest with a really huge background in the Amazon business, a person who has about 10 years of experience selling on Amazon, successfully managing several brands, pleased to introduce you Krystsina Uradzimskaya. Krystsina has her own marketing agency, where she helps Amazon sellers, and who’s also Helium10 Ambassador.


01:20 What is starting a business on Amazon for Krystsina?
08:47 Preparatory Steps to Launch Your Amazon Brand
13:20 Use Bots To Promote Your Product
15:58 Micro-Influencers for Brand Awareness
19:18 Amazon Product Launch 2021: Changes to Expect
23:49 Follow the Trends

How to contact Krystsina?

If you have any questions, my social media is open, you can always reach out to me, and I’m more than happy to help people that are trying to sell on Amazon that they just need the advice.


What is starting a business on Amazon?

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So as many of you guys know, that I’m originally from Eastern Europe, I was born in Belarus, and I moved out to the US more than 13 years ago, and I started my Amazon journey. I think exactly the time when FBA was just started. So I was one of the pioneers to send the shipments to the Amazon fulfillment center. And it was more than 11 years ago. My first model of selling on Amazon was a wholesale and online arbitrage. Basically, I can tell you that I’ve tried all the models. So I know a little bit of everything. I’ve tried everything. But since eight years ago, I stick to the private label, and I’m here till now.


I started doing a wholesale, we’ve been reselling medical supplies, that was the first idea of that. That’s why the whole idea of selling on Amazon came to me, I was a data entry specialist in one of the medical supplies companies. And I see the excess to the huge overhead, the huge inventory of medical items, and I was coming to the management of the company and proposing them:guys, let’s see, like, let’s try to sell them online”.


And they’re like, you know what, we didn’t really believe in that. Because then 10 years ago, when you tell someone ‘Oh, I’m on Amazon” it’s like, oh, you sell on eBay. It’s like, you know, some stuff. So that wasn’t the same thing, right now if you tell someone “I sell” they say  “teach me I want to sell on Amazon too. That’s so fun. I’m excited. I want to do that”. So but there wasn’t the same thing to say, but usually, no one didn’t believe in Amazon that much as they do now. Everybody was like “Yeah”, but there was no big sense of the outcome.


But I believed in that and we developed what structure where we’ve been in both Amazon we’ve been sending already items to Amazon fulfillment center, and you know, that days there, when you’re sending your stuff to Amazon FBA, there was no PPC nothing in the item is fulfilled by Amazon guaranteed page one, the highest possible ranking position ever suggest because the item is in a fulfillment center. 


So we started that, and we’ve been selling, reselling medical supplies from other medical brands, lower than in the US, I think, three, four years. And then I found my partner for my first company Terramed that I eventually brought out from him. So I found my first partner, and we started Terramed. Terramed brand mostly focuses on medical support. So we manufacture items that help people with DVT, varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, many things regarding the veins health, and also we’re doing the migraine glasses, the migraine glasses are special glasses that help people with the migraine, there are 14 layers of injections, and then they are kind of unique and very affordable compared to all of the competition all over the world.


After Terramed was created, and, of course, that’s the company, it’s in the clothing market. So it requires lots of money and lots of returns. And there are many, many, many things that involved into that. But I’m very happy with that. It’s like my baby, everybody keeps asking me, when are you going to sell it to anyone to sell it? I’m like, No, I can sell it, I just build it. It’s my child, I can do this. So and then it was the big, big, big trip to understand what exactly it means to be successful while selling on Amazon, which involves that. So I tried, like, it’s been after many years, we’ve been trying many structures, many white hat techniques, black hat techniques. I’m not ashamed to admit it ever.  There was no brand for like over there were no brands born for like, three, four years. Because it was to my son. And there were many other things in the world. So I’ve been just finding good products and just selling them on the white label. So stuff like that. 


And in 2019, the idea of Pregnology came to my mind and I opened the Pregnology brand. These are maternity clothes and for pregnant females. And yeah, I’m very happy with that this brand I have already been building and have been developing this brand, just to see how fast I can make a good exit and see what exactly I can put into this brand. In regard to my expertise to my knowledge, or to the things that I already learned. So we reached a pretty good volume. As of now, it’s been seven months total on the market. And yeah, I’m very happy about that. 


Preparatory Steps to Launch Your Brand

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So the preparation steps exactly for the brand, when like from the very beginning till the end. So let’s start this. If you have the idea of your brand, of course, you start manufacturing, getting the samples, and getting this stuff ready for the initial launch. So for me, there are many steps involved in terms of the launch of any product because I’ve been doing this many times. And like I truly believe that if you are the founder of the company, founder of the brand, you are the one responsible for the success of that thing.


It doesn’t matter you have like 20 people they’re all successful, they know what they’re doing, it doesn’t matter because you are the one that actually has to be responsible for them. So number one when let’s say in the production time, the lead time and most of the products are around two months. So you have approximately two to three months until the product reaches the Amazon fulfillment center. So the initial step is within this to three months to involve in that preparation for the launch. For this thing we recommend, of course, doing the photography, getting all the visual content that is possible, since you already have the sample the production samples, and we’re saying that you have should be prepared for the visual content, and it should be good quality, like make sure that you have like the best, the best visual content compared to all of your competitors.


Because in our world, whatever the customer sees first time like they pay attention to the picture. So you do have the most amazing picture and batched all the competitors. And if you need to do a couple of down later on to do the split test, yes, you have to do that. That’s very cool. And many people, like trying to do this strategy. After the pictures are done, of course, you need to create the listing, A+ content, small videos, everything around that. 


After that, the most interesting part is coming. I know we all do, we all need reviews, we all need to give away.

So we all need to start with that. So if someone is telling you they are ranking without all this stuff, you know, there’s the probability they lie. So for me, my idea, or the brand that I’m building is their connection with the community, building that community around my brand around my project.


So let’s talk about Pregnology. So in Pregnology, we started creating Facebook pages, Instagram pages, around two months before their initial product launch. And every day, we started to post stories, we started to post good content, not the product right away, not showing the product to our people. We started to, like engage with the audience, you know, just for some fun memes, ask questions, do some type of the giveaway, like, engage, engage the audience. You know, we needed to get followers, we needed to get people in that, and we needed to see what exactly is going on with the people, how much responsive they are, what my audience sees, we wanted to see like how much interaction we can get and purchase successful right away, we had a good follow in right away. So we started to build that on Facebook. And I don’t really like Facebook, to be honest with you right now if you would ask me, I started to stick to Instagram and getting my audience and interact with them and getting the like the win in regards to giveaways, ask him to follow up with the reviews. Facebook’s data is kind of where you know, when you can, how Amazon can track it, and what they can do with that. 


Use Bots To Promote Your Product

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So we did the special flow. So I know that you have a good Russian following. So there is a program it’s called, I am not sure about that, but I will definitely send you a link, and you can post it under the video. Well. There are an amazing video and many people asking me what do you what do we use because we always interact with the newly pregnant females who try to get their attention.

So their special program for Instagram. It is actually in Russian language, but I believe there is an English version as well. So that is like it works the way the Many Chat works. So there are the bots that actually follow in on your audience. You have the automated responses, you have the automated outreach. So the bot is actually looking at the people what they put in their hashtag, let’s say I need pregnant females. So I’m telling this bot to go and look for the people who are posting with that pregnancy announcement gender reveal, that means this is my short period of time like let’s say three to seven months to get to that passion and push my product to them like whatever it’s gonna be I’ve given them a discount and give them the coupon code and given that free product and asking them just to see if they like it and did they really know they’re honest with you. 


So we targeted those people according to all the hashtags we have written in the system. And we see what are the responses rate, what are the outcome we can get, and I think this is one of the most junior things that we come up recently in the past years because of this social interruption through Instagram, like the community that we built and we keep building it gives us an amazing boost into our Amazon stores. Because yes, we can play with the keywords we can do giveaways, so we can get the actual people feedback, not some nasty from Amazon customer that’s always unhappy, but like, you know, it’s always good to have real people what’s good, what’s not good, what actually they don’t like about your product.


Micro-Influencers for Brand Awareness

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The first one this is one of the launching strategies and like we prepare that flows, we prepare the beat of what they have to do, what are the other scenarios because they’re also the levels of the audience like community, so the people who are like big bloggers, they have huge following. Of course, we have another approach to them, like small micro influencers is in my main market. I really love micro influencers because I think that the whole community like, micro influencer is everything when it comes to the brand awareness and to build your brand using my best social media platforms maker influences, this is where you have to target because first you have to pay at least 500 or $600 for the story, or $1,000 for the picture like any other influencer will charge you. But you do the bigger influencers completely for free. And it will give you the social media exposure. And the person who will participate in your giveaway, some tap friends, that person will do the image with you in her stories or her social media plus.


So, as I said, previously, micro influencers are if you want to be if you’re, if your idea is to build to target social media, this special group, especially the majority of the groups are somehow going to be the moms groups, because it’s all of the clothes and all of the kitchen all of the baby like moms groups in micro influencers is everything, they can give the effects that no one else would ever be able to give you


Amazon Product Launch 2021: Changes to Expect

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So all the sellers that are trying to launch your product in 202, the main thing you have to know that you have the limits, and they’re not to go away anytime soon. That’s I honestly think that are going away anytime soon. So just be ready. If you try to stick the FBA labels to all of them and try to play games and create and shipments together, don’t do that. Play by the rules of the game of Amazon that are given to you. 


So make sure you have both merchant fulfilled and Amazon fulfilled offers on your listing. And you can play with that the handling time, you can play with many, many prep centers with many, many third party fulfillment centers and to do the best for your customers in terms of the product to delivery in terms of the exposure of the product to the whole your say market. So, when you do that, even if you will get out of stock on your first initial launch, because everybody screaming and so scared that they only have 200 units, I’m planning to do this amount of giveaways, I only have a plan and like, I will be getting out of stock in one week. And then it’s gonna be like not the week till the products reach maybe more because Amazon is too slow to accept. So don’t worry about that, since you have Amazon fulfilled by merchant. If your Amazon FBA offer will disappear, you get an get the buy box through their merchant fulfilled, of course is gonna take a little bit more time for the customer to receive it and then not so responsive. They, they have some doubts to mine from third party sellers or directly not through the Amazon. But believe me right now everybody’s fine. Everybody understands the situation. And this is something you have to do, just make sure you’re offering a third party fulfillment service, and you’re gonna be good. And also regarding the other thing, which everybody’s worried about, it’s about the reviews. So don’t get too aggressive when you’re trying to do some black hat techniques in fourth quarter because it might cost you business. So a fourth quarter is, for many years been known that it’s one of the most, most aggressive time. Yeah, Amazon is actually looking what’s going on. So when you have the brand-new product in a high competitive niche, and your competition has like 3000-5000 reviews, it doesn’t mean you have to run all the way and get a thousand reviews, three first months of work, because those all reviews can can be done, and you can do that.


So be wise. Be proactive. Always check with the tools, what’s going on, with your ranking and with your BSR. See the keywords, never turn off your PPC, PPC campaigns see what’s new is coming up. If you see right now that the products are ranking on page nine, you got the bestseller badge everything is cool, like don’t chill, be a stealing the game, don’t turn off PPC, you still need to do all the procedures step by step to make sure that your product maintains the BSR, maintains all the ranking all the juice that it has been gathering, because I know that the PPC is going to increase a lot during the holiday time during the beginning of 2021. So make sure you maintain that, because to get it back if you will lose it, it’s going to be way way way more expensive in the fourth quarter.


Follow the Trends

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Another thing is probably just seeing what are the trends. So if you haven’t decided on your product yet in 2021, so my good advice is no one invents a bicycle anymore. Everybody analyzes the niche analyzes what your competitors have to offer, analyze it all for the other marketplaces like don’t forget we have FC, don’t forget, we have eBay. Don’t forget we have Walmart and other platforms that there are products. So analyze everything there, analyze what Google Shopping offers. After that when you have the set of the keywords, because on Amazon a one of the rules, and we don’t actually sell products, we sell keywords, and how good you sell these keywords. And to me that brings value to your company. 


So after you analyze all the competition, all the current market, all of the keywords you can get together, go to the Google Trends. Go to softwares where you can get the data and try to track this data within a couple of weeks. See how it changes, how other sellers selling on Amazon in Helium 10. And while choosing the product, you need to have the clear understanding what’s going on. So how your competitors could sell, how long they’ve been selling, what are they’re ranking for, what they organically we’re ranking for. So stuff like that, it’s one of the most important things that you have to take into consideration while making the product that you want to sell in 2021. So the main thing that I think you have to keep in mind while doing and selling or trying to sell in 2021. 


The pie is big, guys, like you want to sell on Amazon, please jump in and just do it. I have friends, I have people who are like “Oh my God, we don’t know how we’re gonna sell on Amazon. Everybody has so many reviews, that’s so expensive with the giveaways” And boom, and I think six months, it’s already a seven figure seller. So every salesperson wants to encourage, and I want everybody to understand if you really want something, and if you put all your determination, if you put all the grind, if you poured all your soul into something, especially when it comes to business, it’s going to be successful, there is no other way. We either learn or we succeed. 


How to contact Krystsina?

If you have any questions, my social media is open, you can always reach out to me, and I’m more than happy to help people that are trying to sell on Amazon that they just need the advice.