The power of Social Media for your Amazon Business

The power of Social Media for your Amazon Business

Needless to say, social media is a powerful tool to grow your e-commerce business and drive more sales, and in this episode, we’re joined by Cassandra Craven – social media manager at Helium10, who shares actionable advice on how to create the best social media strategy for your Amazon Business.

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✅ The power of user-generated content
✅ Mistakes you should avoid

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1:33 Why social media are important for e-commerce business?
6:22 Marketing plan for your social media
9:43 User-generated content is important
12:26 Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook – which platform to use?
15:30 Common social media mistakes all brands should avoid
17:10 Find your influencers
19:18 Create a personal connection with your brand

How to connect with Cassandra? 

You can always find me at Helium10 software on Instagram. I’m behind the Instagram slide into our DMs anytime. But if you want to connect with me personally, you can find me on Instagram at @Cassandra_Craven. Definitely love to hear from you, ask me any questions I’m always available.


There’s no need to say that social media is a powerful tool to grow your e-commerce business and drive more sales, but we observed the tendency that the brands that sell on Amazon depend too much on internal mechanisms to generate sales and underestimate the power of social media. Today we have a gorgeous guest, Cassandra Craven as a social media expert, who is the social media and content manager at Helium10 Amazon software to talk about the power of social media for your Amazon business growth. 


01:13 Why social media important for e-commerce business, particularly for the Amazon sellers? 

You know, when I first came into this business, I noticed a lot of Amazon sellers were more about pushing out their product and not really having a public-facing persona to it, if you will. Not really branding themselves, it was more about the product, their listing, things like that, more backend strategies and tactics.


As I started to learn more and get to know the sellers more often, I realized there’s a huge opportunity that people weren’t capitalizing on. There are so many opportunities with influencer marketing, social media opportunities, blog content, content creators that seem to be an untapped resource for many Amazon sellers.


So really they bring the value to their product, they’re checking all the boxes, they’ve launched their product, they’re ready to go. And then there’s this whole side of it missing oftentimes with the brand persona, you know, there’s no Instagram set up, they maybe don’t have a Facebook page, nothing on Twitter or TikTok, things like that.


When really there’s a ton of influencers out there who would be happy to cross-promote, or collaborate to get awareness to their brands, whether they’re micro-influencers or macro-influencers, there’s just so many opportunities. So it’s really about gaining awareness for your product and your brand and tapping into those new audiences through resources you may have never thought of before.


03:14 Build your brand awareness with Social Media

I think there’s always that metaphor: it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon and I think the same can be true for social media.


Maybe you’re not going to see the results immediately. You know, you start an Instagram page, you post a couple of times and sure that’s probably not going to generate the sales that you want or the awareness you want, but over time as you work at it and develop an audience and start connecting with, like I said, influencers, content creators, new audiences outside the space, or who may not have even discovered your product unless it was through, let’s say Instagram or Twitter, TikTok, things like that. Now you’re garnering sales for the future.


Maybe you’re not going to get immediate satisfaction, but in the long term, the awareness and the growth of your social media content can actually maximize your sales in the future.


04:29 Find your own strategy 

People can have their own social media profiles and that’s so different from running a brand social media profile and you really have to see what is your audience connecting with.


• What do they want to see?

• What do they resonate with on a personal level, a professional level?

• Why do they want your product in their lives?


And so once you can kind of play around, do a little A/B testing with your content, whether that’s photos or videos, boomerangs, influencer marketing, as I mentioned, then you can kind of see, okay, how should I navigate this and what works best for my product and my audience. And then how do you expand that and go above and beyond. So that’s not going to be an overnight success, you know, I’m sure if anyone who’s ever started their first Instagram page or Twitter, you know, you didn’t go from zero to a million overnight, unless you’re probably Kim Kardashian.


So you have to kind of work at it. You know, you have to see what content resonates the best with audiences so that you can get the long-term results that you want. 


06:22 Create a content plan 

I recommend doing a content calendar kind of seeing what’s feasible for you. I know Amazon sellers are very busy people and maybe posting every day on social media is not ideal. I know it’s hard for me to even post on my own and I’m a social media manager, so I understand. So really planning out that content, working with the VA, working with the photographer, you know, getting that stock imagery and putting it front, loading it for the future so that you’re not worrying about it each and every day.


And then what you can do is play around with the content. One great thing about social media is nothing is set in stone. If something doesn’t work out. Get rid of it, archive it, change it. You know, you don’t have to commit to something that’s not working. That makes no sense. And really, if you’re a good business owner, you wouldn’t do that anyway.


So there’s so many variables and opportunities for you to really find your niche and see what will eventually garner your sales raise, raise your awareness, raise your brand awareness and connect with new audiences and individuals. So hopefully it flourishes your product in the future. 


07:50 User Generated Content for your Amazon Store

I use examples like a kitchen product. So if you have a kitchen product, you have your Instagram really getting that lifestyle imagery and seeing how your kitchen product not only fits into the needs of your audience and your customers but how does it fit into their lifestyle?


How does your kitchen product fit into their family dinners, their holiday festivities, their baking with their kids or cooking with their, you know, spouse or significant other, you know, you really kind of have to tap into that psychology. And I think once you kind of fit your product into their lifestyle, that’s how you can also cross-promote it within your Amazon listing within your Amazon awareness, whether you have an email list, blog content, things like that. I think it goes above and beyond just marketing a product:

“Here’s this, use it, buy it. Goodbye”. You know, you’re really part of someone’s lifestyle and why they need this in their life, and I think that’s how you can convey that through social media. 


09:01 Get Reviews on your Amazon listing

I see all the time that people are saying: “Oh, thanks to this product XYZ, I was able to take my baking to the next level or my kids love this product and our family dinners have never been the same thanks to your product. User-generated content (UGC) is one of my favorite aspects of social media. I love raw, real, genuine authenticity. That is the best you can do. You can’t make this up, you can’t pay for it. It has to come from real customers, real stories, real audiences.


So if there is a baking product, a kitchen product, they’re making pasta cheese, graters, whatever you may have. If you can get someone to snap a quick pick while they’re having, you know, a tacos Tuesday or a party or something like that, that is wonderful content for you to use on your Instagram platform and something that Facebook also promotes a lot.


They call it the thumb stopper – what’s going to stop you from scrolling in your feeds. And oftentimes again, it’s a psychological thing. If people see these raw real photos, they often get in their minds that it’s a friend, it’s a colleague, it’s someone they know personally, and it takes away that brand aspect.


So it’s not this kind of, you know, the person behind the Instagram or this unknown person. There’s a face to it. They know it’s a real person. They know a real person uses this product and it adds validity to your product, which again, will enhance awareness and hopefully sales in the future. 


And again, I use kitchen products as an example, but really whether you’re selling yoga mats or shapewear, brushes, anything, if this product is valuable to your customer’s lifestyle, I mean, how many times have you bought something and you’re like “Oh man if I didn’t have this, where would I be?” And it could be the smallest thing. You know, whether it’s a light socket covers something that if you can get people to say “Man, where would I be without your product?” And then show it off on social media. You’ve struck gold. It’s raw. It’s real. You can’t pay people for that.


I’m a big advocate of influencer marketing, I’m a big advocate of content creators, especially since that’s kind of where things are going with TikTok and real things like that. But user-generated content in any form will always be standard number one, definitely


12:26 What platform is better to use to promote your product? 

I love Instagram, personally and professionally for a couple of reasons though: you have a lot of opportunities to create content and different types of content. So you have your in feed, so that can be your mainstay, your brand awareness, and then if you have anything like user-generated content that can be a little off-brand sometimes, you can put it in your Instagram story and it goes away within 24 hours.


Also, the discoverability on Instagram, I think is so high, there is such a low barrier to entry, as opposed to something with Facebook, you have to log in, they have to find you, like, follow, a lot of time, money, paid ads to go into that.


Instagram is a really great platform if you want to get organically discovered. So if you have great content, there’s a higher chance that people will find you, find your product, find your brand. So that’s why I love Instagram.


 I also think Twitter is a great community. I’ve heard mixed things from sellers as well though, but if you want to tap into more marketing strategy or get into the mix of conversations surrounding your product, I would say Twitter is your go-to source. 


And while this isn’t necessarily social media platform, because I think of it more as video content, more part of your branding in general, YouTube always goes to YouTube for tutorials, if you can get people to do testimonials, things like that, you know, interviews about your product and how they’ve helped, you know, enhance their life and their day-to-day activities.

That’s always going to be amazing content. 


And if you do pick one, two, three, or four of these channels to promote on, always look into how you can use one piece of content across all channels. Save yourself time. You don’t need to be, you know, doing hundreds of content streams for each platform. You know that’s, it’s, that’s crazy. You’re just going to waste so much time, but if you have one great piece of content, if you have one great YouTube video, chop that up, put it on IGTV, put it on Instagram in your feed, on your story, give a little teaser, link back to it. Definitely tweet about it, link back to it on Twitter. Just really see how there’re multiple venues that you can utilize your content so that you’re getting the maximum potential out of it.


You never know. Never know who’s going to discover it. Especially now, you know, quarantine, 2020 has been a crazy year. People are on social media, scrolling around, I’m discovering so many random products that I’ve never even thought of or heard of, you know, but that’s because you’re just kind of scrolling around and you, there’s more opportunity to get discovered. 


15:28 What are mistakes when using social media?

I would say the number one mistake people make is overproducing their content. So we had talked about the thumb stopper from Facebook. Too highly produced, I think, well, people will start to tune out your content. And you want to make sure that you’re varying your content as well.


While I believe that recurring content is very beneficial so that people can come back to you and they look for “Oh when’s the new podcast coming out. When’s your latest blog? Oh, you have a new product” Things like that, making sure that each piece of content is cohesive, but also unique is a perfect balance and the key, because once people start seeing the same type of content in their feed over and over again, they’re going to start to tune you out. You don’t want that, you know, they’re going to say “Oh, I think I saw that last week. I don’t care”. And you want to make sure you’re like “No, no, no, this is new. You should check it out” So keep it those pieces of content unique, trying different pieces of content.


Don’t get stuck on all stock imagery. Don’t get stuck on all these graphics, you know, mix it up a bit, see where people resonate, see what topics work. 


I would also say playing around with geotags. So if we’re talking Instagram specifically, play around with your geotags, don’t just go where your product or your brand is based. Look at where your audiences are, look at, who’s buying your product and start geotagging the top, so that people in those regions can discover you.


17:09 How to find the right influencers for your product? 

So what I would do, how I would start, there’re a couple approaches. If you’re, you know, more of a grassroots approach right now, start looking through hashtags that are relevant to your brand or people that you want to promote your brand. So if you’re in a fashion line, start looking for a hashtag fashion blogger, hashtag fashion influencer, hashtag fashion, you know, start looking for who the people are and who do you think would resonate and fit with your product. 


Then you can reach out to them directly through a DM. A lot of times people will have messages and say “Would you like to collaborate or I’m interested in you. I’d love to work with you more. Send me a DM. Let’s talk further”. So really you want to see whom you can resonate with.


Again, budgets will vary depending on how much the influencer has in terms of followership, what their reach is. If you’re more advanced, there are software and tools and things like that, that you can find large scale influencers through, but they’re going to cost money. So it really depends on what your budgets are. 


I’m always a big advocate of grassroots, it’s much, much more cost-efficient. But if you have a great Instagram feed, that’s why always promote that, get that going first, so people know what they’re working with. They want to know the face behind the brand, they want to know what you’re all about, who’s this person messaging me that wants to work with me. If you’ve got the silhouette face of the profile image, you know, get that off there, get the awareness, go and make sure your brands on there or your own face.


However, you want to promote yourself because people want to know who they’re connecting with. So definitely the cool factor comes in, in get your own Instagram together, make sure people know what they’re all about. And then start reaching out to the influencers. 

19:17 Take Care of Your Instagram Business Page

If you look at huge brands, you know, we’re talking even go outside, Google, Facebook, all these brands take you into the insight and it’s a sneak peek into their world. And that resonates with people. How many times have you seen “Oh, puppy in the office today”, or, you know, now you see a lot of working from home photos, things like that, Zoom calls, really letting people into your day-to-day life is how they’re going to connect with you, because you are a brand.


There’re many faces there and you want to introduce them, let them know what’s going on. I think if you’re planning something big, that could be a fun Instagram story, or you could go live and say “Hey guys, I’ve got a lot of special deals coming up, Q4 is coming up, you know, got all these products ready for you, your holidays are going to go to the next level”.


If you’ve got these, you know, just resonate with people, show them how that they can incorporate your product, your brand, and how you’re doing it for them, they want to see those sneak peeks that lifestyle imagery the day-to-day, take them on a journey of how their product became a reality to them in their home.

21:18 How to connect with Cassandra? 

You can always find me at Helium10 software on Instagram. I’m behind the Instagram slide into our DMs anytime. But if you want to connect with me personally, you can find me on Instagram at @Cassandra_Craven. Definitely love to hear from you, ask me any questions I’m always available.