How and Why to Hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

How and Why to Hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

As an entrepreneur, you have tons of things to handle, but being a business owner doesn’t mean being a superhero. Probably, as an Amazon Seller, you think that only you as an owner can manage everything or you just don’t know what part of your tasks you can delegate.

In this episode we’ve discussed with Gilad Freimann – the Founder & CEO of VAA Philippines, why delegation is essential for business growth, how to find the right virtual assistant, and how to build trust. Gilad shares his secret tips on how to make the hiring process easier and what mistakes you should avoid while working with the VA.


01:09 Intro, story behind VA Academy
03:55 Can you do everything by yourself?
04:35 What should I delegate? One question you should ask yourself
06:36 The difficulties of working with the VA
10:30 How to build trust with your VA
11:32 The different types of VAs
12:27 The growth of Amazon Business with VA: User stories
15:58 Hiring Tips
19:16 Don’t micromanage