How to scale and sell your Amazon business? with Ken Kubec

How to scale and sell your Amazon business?

Finally, we’re ready to present to you Dr. Amazon — Amazon FBA podcast!

Our very first guest is Ken Kubec- the VP of acquisitions for Thrasio – the fastest profitable company in the US to achieve $1B valuation.
In this episode, Ken Kubec shares some insights on where should be the focus to grow your Amazon business, how to determine the value of it, and profitably sell. You’ll hear how the process of acquisition looks like and what buyers are looking for.

Dr. Amazon Podcast – the emergency support channel for Amazon FBA Private Label Sellers. We invite top Amazon experts, and they share the most effective tips and tricks for your business. We try hard to deliver you only clear, tried, tested, and actionable info.

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00:37 – Introduction
01:30 About Ken Kubec, his background, burnout on Wall-street and how he became part of Thrasio
4:20 How big is the team of Thrasio, How many businesses Thrasio has acquired
5:10 The step-by-step process of acquiring businesses
07:30 the difference between the shared and asset purchase
10:48 What actions are performed after purchasing
14:27 Were all acquisitions successful?
17:15 How to increase the value of your Amazon business? When it’s the right moment to sell it?
19:18 Top advice from Ken Kubec
21:20 CPIs that are important for your business.
24:00 Amazon Changes to look in the near future – How to be one step ahead.
26:00 Why you should invest in Advertising
28:47 How to reach Ken Kubec and Trasio