The Importance of Customer Lifetime Value on Amazon

Dr. Amazon Podcast — Customer Lifetime Value on Amazon

Today we’ll talk with Rael Cline from about Customer Lifetime Value and why it’s such a powerful metric for Amazon sellers.

Join us to learn 👇🏻

📌 what Amazon Customer Lifetime Value is;

📌 how to calculate it;

📌 how it can help you to drive sales;

📌 how to build long-term relationships with clients;

📌 how to spend on Amazon Ad campaigns wisely.

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0:28 Intro
1:10 Rael Cline background and how was founded
05:40 What is the Customer Lifetime Value
07:13 where it can be used
08:34 What metrics you should track
10:09 Why it’s the powerful metric
10:45 Focus on retention of the customer
11:06 In which niche this metric is more important
13:26 How to improve the customer lifetime Value
13:57 Product Bundling
15:10 Complementary products
18:40 How to calculate the Customer Lifetime Value and why you need a software