How Amazon Seller’s Mindset Can Affect Your Success in Amazon Business?

Dr. Amazon Podcast — Amazon Seller’s Mindset

Did you know that your mindset can affect your success as a seller on Amazon?

Today, we have a special guest Brandon Clark, who is an Entrepreneur, a Digital Marketer, Amazon Strategist, and Advisor who helps brands overcome obstacles

Having a strategy for your Amazon Business is important, but your mindset is crucial for achieving success on your way. Because often the only thing standing in your way is you. Especially when the journey through entrepreneurship always has its ups and downs, so the right mindset can be one of the key elements to reach your target. So will be focusing on this topic today with Brandon.


01:45 About Brandon
04:14 Fear-based mindset
06:15 Short Term vs Long Term Perspective
06:58 How your mindset impacts your Amazon Profits
10:45 Different stages you go through as Amazon Seller
12:15 How to set up the right goals
14:25 The power of daily routine
16:40 How to deal with difficulties
19:25 Top 3 Insights from Brandon


04:14 What is fear-based mindset?

Amazon’s more of a fear-based mindset, you know, a lot of people have a fear-based mindset. It’s a scary thing, the payout structure, everything is just totally different from anything else you’re probably used to, especially,  if you’ve had e-commerce businesses before, where like Shopify you get the money the next day or within a few days. For Amazon, it’s a week after, you know, you get the sale. 

And so the whole thing to me is there’s a lot of fear wrapped up in that because you have to put up a lot of money up front, you know, for most people that are starting out, they don’t have a lot of extra income to throw at it. You know, they’re kind of building it slow and steady. And so to have that money just away, right. And you don’t know what’s going to happen. There’s a lot of fear associated with that. There’s a lot of fear with,  you know, you hear all the negative stories of people getting suspended or listings going down. 

Everywhere you turn there’s something fear-based regarding the Amazon business, but at the same time, there’s hope and there’s excitement, and there’s a lot of other things that are positive with it. So to me, the biggest mindset shift that you can really get out of is getting away from the fear and looking at everything as an opportunity, looking at hope and that excitement with whatever you’re doing.

Because when you have that fear, that’s always pressing down on you, you’re not going to sleep at night, if you’re a good entrepreneurial, probably always wondering and worrying about something, if you did something right, or didn’t do something right, and so you really got to step away from that and look at, what could happen, you know, focus on the future, focus on the plan. I think that’s one of the biggest shifts that you can have with it. 


06:15 Short Term vs Long Term Perspective

I teach everybody that I work with and anyone I talked to, that it is a long-term game, you know, Amazon’s not going away anytime soon. They’re just going to get bigger. And if you play by their rules, you do the right things, you focus on the right things, you can be along the ride with them. And with that, you know, you’re not going to find a better opportunity to get in front of potential buyers than Amazon. There’s no way you can get in front of that many qualified people with anything else for the same amount of money you can get with Amazon.

 So with that, it’s a massive long-term game. Everybody wants the big fancy numbers right out the beginning, but, you know, you got to put in the work, you got to have the patience and put in the time to get that. But if you do everything else will start taking care of itself.

You know, you’re going to your website, and off of Amazon sales are going to grow just because you’re getting bigger on Amazon. You know, the more you do that, the more you build a community around your brand, you take care of your customers, little things like that, that brand is getting bigger and bigger.

And then when you do focus on the long-term strategy of it, now you have all these assets in the end, you can turn around and sell or continue to grow, depending on what your overall goals are. 


06:58 How your mindset impacts your Amazon Profits?

You know if you don’t think positive and you’re not sure if something’s gonna work or not work, and you start putting that doubt in your mind and going back to having a fear-based mindset, right. You start thinking that something might not work, then it’s probably not going to work. If you start doubting what you’re doing, the performance is going to fall with that doubt.

So if you think that you’re doing the right things, you’re following the plan that you set, if you’re working with somebody, and they set the plan or whatever, as long as you’re putting in the work every single day and thinking positively, thinking long-term, that will have a massive impact on your profits and your sales.

Everything will start to come easier. You’ll have more fun. Sales are just continuing to rise. So you have to think positively, you know when you’re putting in the work as well. 


10:45 Different stages you go through as Amazon Seller

You have the fear at the beginning, you start the business, you’re putting in money or you put it on a credit card how you spent, you have a fear of losing that money you want to do well, but once you start getting your processes in place, you start learning.

What, what works for you for your brand, for your type of products, then you start getting that confidence built up now. Then you can continue to, you know, build-out to your brand as you go, the more you do it, the more confidence you get, and you’re going to feel unstoppable whenever you reach, you know, the 7-8 figures, whatever that massive goal is for you. 


12:15 How to set up the right goals?

So as for me, I like to reverse engineer everything, right. Break everything down. So if you want to hit, you know, $120,000 just for easy math a month, in a year, right, you need to have $10,000 a month. And so you break it down and say the month, but I’ll have to break everything down in the power of three. And then continue you to break that down. So I like to work in 90-day chunks. And so, you know, you can break it down with the quarters as well, but every month you have one sub-goal of your overall goal. 

So if you’re trying to get $90,000 in three months or every month, you need to hit $30,000 and then you just keep breaking it down, you know, break it down into the weeks and then break it down into the day. And then it’s just continuing to take action at that goal.

There’s a lot of different shiny objects. With Amazon there are always new tools, new strategies, you know if you follow and listen to a bunch of different people out there, they’re all doing different things too. And so it’s easy to get, you know, distracted or put a little of time into something else instead of focusing on your goal. But it’s really just reverse engineering and breaking it down. Like I said, into the power of three. And then just doing anything and everything to make that needle move towards the goal. 


14:25 The power of daily routine

So with me, I’m never afraid to change my routine. And I  had a lot of the same routine for the past couple of years, you know, with Amazon, I like to break things down into the days. So Mondays are all about marketing, Tuesdays it’s all about Sponsored Ads and PPC, Wednesday might be about reviews or customer service. Each day has its own specific thing, but within that day I can be doing a bunch of different things, I can have a totally different routine than I did the past week. So I have those set days that allow me to make sure that I’m getting everything that the business needs, but, you know, I have a lot of flexibility and what that each day holds. 

So I’m not afraid to change it up if something’s not working. To cut stuff or put stuff, you know, at the bottom of the list until it makes sense. And then with the routine, you got to put yourself first too, cause that’s one of the big things I’ve learned in the business. If you don’t put yourself first take care of yourself, you’re going to spend all your time on the business.

So it’s important to, to build your routine around you and you know, what you want in the day-to-day, but yeah, don’t be afraid of change it up and get rid of stuff when it’s not working. 


16:40 How to deal with difficulties

Yeah. So I’ve had that, you know, everything changed in one minute, I deal with daily chronic pain, I’ve had multiple back surgeries, in and out of doctors all the time.

And that all happened just overnight. You know, I was going about, we were growing our Amazon business. I was very healthy, doing all kinds of things right, and then one day the pain started and it didn’t go away. So I went from being able to work, you know, 12-16 hours a day, I could hustle all the time. So overnight I’m losing, you know, 10 times the amount of productivity that I used to have. And so that’s a big, difficult challenge when you don’t have the time, you don’t have the energy to really be put in your business.

So the biggest thing you can do is really figure out what your goal is. And look at, you know, everything that can be on your to-do list from even responding to emails and you have to figure out: All right if I only have this amount of time each day to put into my business, what are the biggest rocks that I can focus on? That’s going to allow me to hit that goal quicker, right? It might not be something you see immediate action or a return on your investment, but you’ve got to look at figure out what those big rocks are that are going to get you closer and closer every day because you don’t have as much time.

So you have to think smarter and figure out what can get you ahead while your competition or anyone else is working a lot more. Hopefully, you’re working smarter, making better choices, and better decisions to really get ahead like this idea. 


19:25 Top 3 Insights from Brandon

1 – Get out of the fear-based mindset.

That’s I think what holds a lot of people back in this business. I would say. Everyone that I’ve talked to, who has not made it in this business 90 to 95% have the fear base, that’s holding them back. Right there, right on the edge of having a great product and a great brand, but they’re too scared to take that next step. So you got to get out of that, whatever way you can, you know, listening to people like Gary V or whatever, you know, whoever you need to have that positive energy or read books, pay attention to whom you follow on social media, anything that looks negative or has a fear-based mindset attachment to it, block it from your life. That way you’re only consuming positive stuff. 

 2 – Take action every single day. 

On top of that, you have to get in the mindset that you got to take action every day. So back to our last point, you know, no matter how much time you have each day, you need to figure out what big rocks are going to move you forward. Is it posting on social media or is it spending time in sponsored ads? So which one’s going to get you more sales for ads you’ll have a better chance, right? So you’ve got to focus on the big rocks. So you got to take action every single day. 

3 – Then the third with the mindset. It goes back to the focus in long-term or right. Have that hope and think about the future. Really think big, which your brand, if you only want to sell 10 units a day, when you’re going to get comfortable at 10 units a day, but if you think big and like, all right, this product can sell hundreds of products a day or units a day. Every day, you’re going to be thinking, how can I get to that hundred, 200, and 300, right.

If you’re going to want to grow, you don’t want to see it turn into something exciting. So you got to have that hope and really think long term and think big with your potential in that. 

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