Amazon Ranking with Izabela Hamilton: How to Rank Higher on Amazon?

How to Rank Higher on Amazon?

Today we have an amazing guest on our show, the Founder and CEO of RankBell, a brand accelerator that helps Amazon businesses grow to 7&8 figures through driving Amazon organic keyword ranking and optimization, Izabella Hamilton.

We talk about ranking strategies on Amazon. Because without ranking you cannot move much, even if you have a good product. Amazon is becoming more competitive and there is no way you will be able to make a lot of money if you can’t rank your product on its first page!


1:47 How Izabela fell in love with Amazon: how it all started
6:39 Amazon Ranking: How it affects your sales
8:09 Amazon Product Ranking Tips
10:59 How many should I giveaway per day?
13:11 Marketing budgets on the launching stage
17:10 Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program: Is It Worth It?
18:03 If you got to page one, how to stay there?
22:36 Once you get on the first page, what’s next?

How to contact Isabela?

I’m very social, you can find me on Facebook, Izabela Hamilton or , myself or some girls on my team will be happy to help you. 


1:47 How Izabela fell in love with Amazon: how it all started


Yeah. So you know, and this is such a good question. Because you know, every time I get asked this question, I think about it, I’m like, how did I really get started, because a lot of people, you know, start something, and then when they look back, they have no idea how they got to the point. And those are probably the best stories, because it’s like, it’s nothing necessarily plan. 


So for me, I’ve always loved Amazon, I love their company culture, I love how well they’re doing. I mean, they do all that hard work that Jeff Bezos put into, and determination, and not quitting for me has always been like a driver. So I was living overseas at the time in Africa, I was working on a special project overseas. And Amazon was the only place that actually delivered packages to countries like this. So for us, you know, people working there, it was very, it was like Christmas every time you got a package from Amazon. So I started looking into it more and more like, why is it that Amazon is the only company that can do this, and you know, all these things that I found out about Amazon, how they love their customers, like nobody is beyond their customer. Like, if everybody knows these sellers is like on second or third place, the customer is the number one. And I really like that about them.


 And then I started researching, you know, how do people even list a product on Amazon? Because, you know, just as a buyer myself, I always thought that Amazon is just selling products. I didn’t know there are third-party sellers. I had no clue. And actually, if you ask people even on the street, right now, they will tell you the same thing, because they think Amazon is the only one selling the product. So I was like, Oh my god, this is kind of cool. So people can actually start making money on this. And just like talking about it with different people. I came across one person who was like, you know what, my dad has a factory that does light bulbs. Do you think that’s something we can put on Amazon? I’m like, let’s try it right. So we tried it and this was like six years ago, and it was like a smashing success. Imagine six years ago, you would post anything, and it would literally make sales and sales and sales. So um, he’s like, you know what, do you mind if I tell my friend about you? I was like, yeah, of course. So and this wasn’t even paid. He’s like, Oh, he’s gonna be I’m like, oh, even better. So we just started slowly. Like, I did the listing for them. I’ve never done a listing in my life. But because you know, you look at Amazon. So that’s what I’m saying. It all started all kind of like by accident, but he led to something amazing that I love.


So basically, this service found me more than me going out and finding it. Just as I said, you know, a lot of people prepare their whole life, they go to college to study something, and they get to a point, they’re like, okay, now I have my college degree in, you know, accounting, now I’m going to become an accountant. So they have their whole life lined out. For me, it was like, I’m doing this, and I’m doing that. And then this just, it was almost like a spark, like, I just fell in love with it. Because I would see immediate results. And that is when so in the beginning, we were doing a lot of quality control. So, for example, the guy with the light bulbs, he would send some products to some people that I knew, and they’re like, they would inspect that: Oh, this is good. This is not good. If the majority were good, we were able to send it to Amazon. So the next person when they came, we kind of did the same thing like hey, can you do quality control?


So what we noticed is the more people bought the products, the higher the rank, again, this is all by like really accident and trying and trying and trying. And I was like, Oh my god, this is amazing. Okay, what if we do like coupons? What if we do discounts? And then you know, in the beginning, like six years ago, it worked a little bit. But then we noticed, like maybe three years ago that they didn’t really work that well anymore. So we switched to what people call now search-find-buy. So once we switched to this, it was even like mind-blowing, it was even better and faster, because it was all really organic sales coming in every day.


6:39 Ranking on Amazon: How do you rank organic on Amazon?


So ranking really, we refer to the position a product has for that specific niche that they’re in. For those that are listening, that might not be so familiar with ranking, the lower that number is, the better the more sales you have. So when you first post the product on Amazon, your score or your number may be 10,000. So we’re trying by ranking your product to lower that number. So a 10,000 ranking, you’re not selling that much. But if you move closer to 1000, that’s when you start seeing all these sales. And of course, the goal is to get to number one. Absolutely. So and you do this, you know, by using in conjunction with PPC, by doing PPC and doing giveaway campaigns, which is what we call these searches find by you know, magnets, you come with the product, it’s listed on Amazon, we do a certain amount of giveaways that will push the ranking up.


8:09 Amazon Ranking Tips: 


So you know, people always think, you know, I’m going to have a product on Amazon, and it’s going to be so hard. And it’s going to cost so much. And you know that sometimes they want to give up. So my thing is always: Yes, there’s going to be a cost, just like if you were to invest in buying machinery for let’s say, you’re starting to make bread, you need to invest in those machines, right? But when people come on Amazon, they’re like, well, I don’t need to invest in those machines, I can just list the product on Amazon, and it’s gonna get sold. It doesn’t work this way. You do have to invest a little bit just as you would invest in machines for your company. 


So what are the machines for Amazon, PPC, and search find by campaigns, of course, you have a few other ones that you can do, such as influencers on TikTok, or Instagram or Facebook. But if you come down to the last two, the PPC and the giveaways, you should always save money for that. So when it comes to ranking, let’s say you have a product that’s, you know, fairly competitive. What you want to do is start giveaways right away, because a lot of people you know, pull their product is love, and they’re like: “Oh, I don’t know what to do. I think I’ll just wait”. No, you have to start right away because that honeymoon period starts when the product is live. And for those that does don’t know what honeymoon period is that time for when you started the product, and nobody actually knows the exact timing. Some people say it’s 30 days, in my opinion, it’s a little longer I would say is even after 60 or 90 days, and this honeymoon period is the time when Amazon collects data on you. It’s nothing scary. It’s nothing crazy. They literally want to see, okay, if somebody’s searching for your product, where does your keyword land? What is your PPC spend? So they’re gathering all this information from you, if you’re showing Amazon nothing if you’re doing absolutely no giveaways, no PPC, or you’re showing Amazon that your product is worth nothing, it can literally be the best product in the world certified by the best judges. If Amazon does not consider your product valuable, you will never rank again. 


10:59 How many should I giveaway per day?


So the first day you launch start doing giveaways, we usually recommend using a tool such as CPR, from Helium where you have a number of days and you do a certain amount of giveaways per day. But if you don’t have Helium10, that’s fine. You don’t have to, but start doing some giveaways. You don’t have to have that specific number in mind. I mean, yes, if you come down to near like, I really want to land on page one by this day, then yes, you will have to be a little bit more specific. But just to start, I would say even do five giveaways a day, would be good. 


But don’t stop short. Because I’m going to give you an example right now, we had a seller who did a keyword. And in two days, he was already ranked on page one. He said, Oh my God, this works amazing. Let me switch the keyword. And let’s do another one. So what they do is what happens when sellers fall in rank because they get so excited. And they’re like “Oh my God, this works so well, let me change to another keyword”. You have to remember to give Amazon enough time to process the fact that your product is good, and it’s buying. So instead of cutting it short to 2 days continue for 8 days, 10 days, I even recommend 30 days, if you really want to be strong on Amazon, have a giveaway campaign for 30 days. You can do I’m telling you even the minimum 3,4, 5 a day and continue. You want to keep showing Amazon that people are searching for that keyword. And they’re buying your product and not the other guys. So when you do that, eventually your ranking will stick, because this is a problem that a lot of sellers you will see in all the groups “Why did I fall from page one to page two?”, because they are not consistent enough just like Bezos, he worked and worked and worked and worked and worked and hope that one day he will make money and one day he did. So you cannot jump from the first day expect them to make millions of dollars. But if you’re giving Amazon consistent data you are showing up every day, you’re doing giveaways, you’re doing PPC, you will be successful. Sorry, this is the long answer to your short question.


13:11 Marketing budgets on the launching stage


So my thinking is always this if you invested $5000 in products, you should invest $5000 in marketing, however, you just doubled that however you want to spend that. So if you’re thinking okay, I’m going to do $2500 on PPC, $2500 on giveaways, or you know if you want to do more PPC, fewer giveaways, or the other, you can play around however you want. But you should definitely have that in mind. 

Again, it doesn’t matter how good your product is, if nobody knows about it, and how do people know about it? When they buy it on Amazon. Because a lot of sellers come to me, andthey say my product is the best anybody has ever made and I say oh I agree, and I believe you. But it doesn’t matter what I believe it matters what the buyers believe in matters where it is on Amazon. 


How many times do we buy things on Amazon, and they’re just bad. And they were on page one, you know what I mean? I’m sure the other people’s brought that on page two or three maybe are better, but nobody’s buying them. They want to buy what’s on page one, I do this myself, and I shop on Amazon all the time, you think I have time to go on page two and three, I just need something I just buy it. That’s it. 


So it’s very important to definitely have a budget, make sure that you have that money. And if you don’t just wait, just wait till you have the money. Don’t just list your product and say “oh, maybe I’ll get a sale here and there” It will eventually no, you are doing actually worse, by bringing your products on Amazon and not doing anything, then it would be for you to wait. I know you’re a lot of people think oh, but I’m missing this quarter, and I’m missing this quarter, you are not just going to have sales just because you are an Amazon, there are a million other sellers with your exact same product. This is a battle that all the sellers have. Because you know, they may sell the exact same product. I even myself, I bought the sealer for like plastic bags. And the same exact one. There was one for $8, $9, $12. I already knew that is the same one. So for me, it was fine to go on page two or three to look for the cheapest one because I needed like five of them, you know, but most people don’t know that. They are like “Oh my god, they’re on page one. They’re the best” 


Basically when you’re on page one is recognition from Amazon that you are worthy of being on page one, right? Because the same like even microphone, the same microphone can be on page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. And maybe even cheaper. But it doesn’t matter. Because people think oh, my God it’s on page one, that means it’s good. And sometimes they won’t even mind being a little extra because it’s on page one. So being on page one has so many benefits that I wouldn’t even know where to start. 


17:10 Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program: Is It Worth It?


So have a budget, use that money, start PPC, and also what I suggest for a brand-new product and brand-new sellers – use the tools Amazon gave us like the early reviewer program. I see a lot of people are afraid of that. Because they’re like “oh if I get like a one-star two-star like it’s going to ruin me”. I mean, yeah, I’d sometimes happen I’m not gonna lie like I’ve seen cases where they get like two thirds or three stars, but you’re still showing Amazon that you are utilizing their tools, there’s something you want to show again, it’s part of the data. 


So I always recommend to all the sellers do it. I think it’s $65 is not the is not too much. And you may get one five stars to five stars you at least you have something to start because when you get on page one, it’s you know, you made it you’re on page one, you will have to show the social proof. And the social proof is in reviews.


18:03 If you got to page one, how to stay there? 


So it goes back down to again ranking. So let’s say you do a campaign for 30 days, you’re generous, you know, you have enough money, you do it for 30 days. And then you start getting just giving an example 20 a day consistently 20 sales, 20 sales, 20 sales for a whole month, whether it’s giveaways and PPC combined, but you’re doing 20. You finish the giveaway campaign, you’re doing no more ranking. You’re already on page one. Now you’re like  “Okay, I’m already here. I don’t need to do anything”. What you can do if it continues if you keep getting 20 sales a day, which you should because you’re organic on page one now. You can continue getting their normal sales, you don’t have to do anything. If you’re not falling in rank. 


When you start falling in rank, that means a few things. One thing it may mean that your competition is doing what you did, they’re trying to get on page one. And there’s only so many spots on page one, right? So what you can do, can either increase your PPC to get those sales, or you can continue doing giveaways. But you don’t have to like necessarily when I say giveaways, you don’t necessarily have to use me my service. Just think of a way where you can get those extra sales every single day, whether you reach out on Instagram to influencers or you reach out to maybe some friends of friends, as long as you have those sales, because what happens if you have already 20 sales a day, and you fall in, you’re getting 10 sales a day only, then Amazon is like, this guy’s not doing so good anymore, let me move the other guy who’s doing 20 sales. 


So the point is for Amazon to make money, if you’re making the money, they’re going to keep you on page one. If you’re not making them that much money, you’re going to put the other guy who makes them money. So you always have to compete with that. And that’s easily checked every day, you can check your ranking, see where you are, okay, if you fall in, you know, a position or two or something, you know, it’s not too bad because it fluctuates. But you know, if you’re automatically on page two, then you should definitely start kicking things into gear. Again, you can do PPC, you can do giveaways, you can do it with my company, or you can find yourself whatever you need to do, you need to keep your rank, because there’s always competition, there’s always sellers, you may think you have a unique product, but there’s always people trying to copy it. There’s only because China, you know, see, so easy to get products, you know, you can get the same exact product. And they’re like, you know what, I’m so much better than this guy, my listing is so much better, my pictures are so much better. So they’re all fighting for the same spot. So you already made it on page one. Don’t let go that if you follow a little bit, again, increase your PPC or do more giveaways.


And once you’re on Amazon for longer, you already old on Amazon, you know, you’ve been doing six months or a year, you’re starting to gather reviews. So now you’re on page one, you also have more reviews. And you also like I have a friend, which you probably know, Christina, you know, she’s had her brand for 10 years. So for her, she doesn’t even care doesn’t matter what competitors come, because she has so much data with Amazon that she will always like have bestsellers, even though there are companies coming in and out all the time. But because of all the years and all the data she’s shown Amazon, she already has her spot there. 


22:36 Once you get on the first page, what’s next? 


You know, a lot of a lot of sellers think “oh, wow, that guy needed like so good”. No, those guys, they don’t sleep, you understand, they are they’re going so hard, because they already build something they know what it means. They know what it means to be on page one. They know what it means to make like a million a month or two or five or 10. In some cases, 


I see sellers who make so much money. But trust me, they’re the ones that are always going very hardcore. They’re like, we’re not doing like we’re they’re doing giveaways of 1000 2000 3000 5000 units. They want to be they don’t ever want to lose that spot. And for good reason. Imagine if you make a few million a month. But again, you know, for the little sellers, I don’t want them to be intimidated, because even these big sellers, they started from the same point. They started from the same point, everybody started from the same point, everybody made the same mistakes. Now it’s actually better because we have, you know, Facebook groups where people can talk to each other “hey, how did you do this? How can I avoid this mistake”, whereas before, this information wasn’t as easily accessible. 


So for us, the sellers of today, it’s so much easier to be better. You know, Amazon will always give you all the struggles, and they will suspend your listing for things that are irrelevant. But you know, in a way, it’s eliminating those people who are weak, and they cannot take it, they cannot take this type of business. But for those that actually don’t mind, and they keep doing it, they keep doing it. They keep doing it. Those are the ones that will eventually be successful.


25:02 How to contact Isabela?


I’m very social, you can find me on Facebook, Izabela Hamilton or , myself or some girls on my team will be happy to help you. 

Even if you have questions and you don’t have to use the service, you just come and ask me something, we’ll be very, very happy to help anyone. This is what we do. You know, we all have companies and somebody helped us, and we’re always looking forward to helping somebody else. 


And actually, if some of your sellers are listening, and they go to my website, I have a place where they can submit for a free launch. So if anybody you know, we do this every month, we pick the winner from last month. So by the end of this month, in a few days, we’ll pick another one. And we do a full giveaway campaign up to 300 units all covered by rainbow.