Amazon PPC Automation Software – Overview Of Profit Whales With CGO Vitalii Khyzhniak

In this Amazon PPC Automation Software overview, you’ll see how Profit Whales software works in a live demo run by Vitalii Khyzhniak, CGO at Profit Whales.

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Vitalii did an in-depth review and demo of Profit Whales software. He showed how different parts of Profit Whales work, such as PPC Automate part and Zero To Hero service. Vitalii also shared tons of tips, tricks, and hacks connected to Amazon PPC and his software. Profit Whales works great for beginners, advanced sellers, and enterprise-level sellers.

The Profit Whales team is Managing 100+ Million in Ad Rev on Amazon.

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00:00 – I introduce the topic & our guest

00:24 – Vitalii introduces himself & Profit Whales

05:32 – Credit to Diana from Profit Whales

05:49 – Profit Whales live software overview

06:10 – Live demo of Zero To Hero tool

12:55 – Who is Zero To Hero good for?

15:43 – Live demo of Zero To Hero tool

17:11 – How long does it take for it to work?

17:39 – PPC Automate tool overview

24:14 – What should sellers do after starting working with your tool?

31:32 – Do you want to add anything else about Profit Whales?

33:09 – Special discount coupon for Profit Whales

33:50 – Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?