Why Amazon Listing Translation Matters?

Dr. Amazon Podcast —Why Amazon Listing Translation Matters?

In our new episode of Dr. Amazon Podcast Jana Krekic explains all ins and outs of Amazon listing translation when expanding to other marketplaces. You’ll hear about the importance of marketplace research, how to hire a good translator, what aspects you should be aware of when entering other marketplaces, why Dolce&Gabbana failed in China and many other interesting details.

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00:30 Intro
1:10 About Jana Krekic and YLT Translations
03:00 The most Common Mistakes
03:00 Hire a translator with no Amazon knowledge – will it work?
05:20 Translating keywords
07:00 how to choose the right translator
09:40 Why the localization is even better the translation
10:55 You have to understand your audience
11:30 Dolce&Gabbana failure
12:30 Do your marketplace research
15:39 Keyword placement strategy and tools to use
17:47 structure of language
20:00 the best way to double-check the work your translator did

23:37 Short Questions
23:58 The book that change your life
25:44 First speaking gig
26:37 The best personal advice
26:55 “What motivates you?”
26:59 Working from home or from office
30:30 At which conferences we can see Jana this year
32: 12 Google Translator for Amazon Listing Translation?