Common Amazon listing optimization mistakes and how to fix them

Common Amazon listing optimization mistakes and how to fix them

Are you looking for how to maximize your conversions with optimized Amazon listing?

Check out our second episode of Dr. Amazon podcast!

Our amazing guest Emma Schermer Tamir shares how to fix common listing optimization mistakes, build trust with your clients, and differentiate your brand among competitors on Amazon.

Dr. Amazon podcast – the emergency support channel for Amazon FBA Private Label Sellers. We invite top Amazon experts, and they share the most effective tips and tricks for your business.


1:10 About Emma, how writing hobby turned out onto an agency
2:45 What should you double-check in your Amazon listing
4:20 What tools you can use
4:45 Inappropriate Keywords
05:20 Building trust with your clients with your Listing.
6:25 Make sure everything is organized
09:00 the importance of Headers in your listing
10:00 Make it as easy as possible
10:36 Don’t copy past the listing of your competitors 😅
why you shouldn’t compare your listing with competitors’ one
13:45 decision fatigue – take the pressure off potential customers
14:59 How to differentiate your brand among other competitors
15:10 Think like your customer
16:47 Storytelling for your brand and manipulation techniques
19:40 Bullet points in listing
20:25 3 main tips from Emma to implement in your listing