Amazon Keyword Research

🩺 Dr. Amazon Podcast — Amazon Keyword Research 2020

Do you want to show up on the first page of Amazon search results? Then you should definitely check out this episode with Troy Johnston from Seller.Tools

You’ll learn how to find the best keywords to optimize your Amazon listing, how to identify the right seed keywords, why you should dive into Brand Analytics, and what common mistakes sellers do.

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00:28  Intro
01:18 Troy Johnston background as Amazon Seller and co-founder at Seller.Tools
02:50 Amazon Sellers Mistakes
06:04 The Importance of Keywords
06:58 Why you should double-check your Search Term Reports
09:27 What metrics you should take into consideration
12:30 Long-Tail Keywords
15:00 How to identify your seed keywords
16:13 Dive into Brand Analytics
19:54 Keyword Research Difficulties
23:05 One tip for Amazon Sellers