Amazon Inventory Management: Prime Day Edition

Amazon Inventory Management: Prime Day Edition

We invited Orion Avidan – the Inventory Balancing expert, to talk about inventory preparations before Prime Day.

Besides the covering some general Inventory Management practices for profitability, Orion shares her advice on how better set up and plan your inventory to maximize sales, and where should be your attention.

Be sure you’re prepared to handle the influx of customers on Prime Day!


01:07 How Orion started her way in the Amazon landscape
04:19 What is IPI? Different parameters of IPI
07:36 What impact the IPI score?
14:58 What if your IPI is not high enough?
15:45 What you should do
17:52 Where should be sellers’ attention before the Prime Day and Q4
20:56 how to move your slow inventory
22:06 The flywheel effect
26:04 Best practices for Prime Day
26:25 Look at your decision process
27:26 Velocity over quantity
28:55 Tie in your advertising and marketing with inventory
30:01 Stop forcing the marketing