Amazon FBA Reimbursement & Refunds

Amazon FBA Reimbursement & Refunds

Yoni Mazor from GETIDA shares how to maximize FBA reimbursements in an effective way to grow your revenue. He started selling online about 10 years ago and went from zero to 20 million a year, so don’t miss a chance to learn from professionals and get actionable advice. Tune in for the next episode. Subscribe to our podcast! 💬 Let us know what you think in the comments below!


00:54 Intro, about Yoni Mazor and GETIDA

02:15 2 types of FBA Discrepancies

02:10 Logistical Issues

05:05 Financial Issues

10:00 Automatic reimbursements

12:56 Amazon seller’s size – the difference in reimbursement

16:25 The dimension of the Pick&Pack Fees

20:00 Consulting Services GETIDA

20:43 Personal Experience: from 0 to 20 million