Amazon Branding Strategy in 2021 with Saddam Hasan

Amazon Branding Strategy in 2021

In this episode, our guest is Saddam Hasan — the Founder of AMZ One Step. This time Saddam and Vitalii talked about Amazon branding, Amazon branding guidelines, and how to build your Brand Loyalty.

How can we help with Amazon branding? Why is Amazon Product Branding is still not used enough? Tune in and listen to the whole conversation!

Having managed $200M+ per year with a background in Financial Planning & Analysis, Saddam started selling on Amazon due to his passion for data analytics.


00:00 Intro
02:25 Amazon Branding is step #1
5:20 First Product Launch – Where Should Be Your Focus
07:05 Create a Customer Base
07:59 FBA Honeymoon Period and Your Branding Strategy
11:12 Can Sellers Get a Second Honeymoon Period?
14:20 Improve Your Branding: Top 3 Recommendations from Saddam
15:25 Build your Brand Loyalty

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First, glad to be here. My agency is called AMZ One Step, we primarily work with Amazon brands to establish their brand presence. And core competency is more geared towards listing optimization. So anything from product photography to listing content, A+ content, videos, and also their storefront designs, pretty much anything that’s on their Amazon Web pages, right. So right now, we have about 35 team members and in different departments. And we’ve been doing this for about two and a half years. 

02:25 Amazon Branding is step #1

I think the trend has already started. I mean, if you look at before we even jump on the topic of branding, I would like to point out that traditionally outside the e-commerce platform, so you would see a lot of brands only pushing advertising if it’s a product that’s innovative, or completely new in the market. 

But we know that a lot of brands on Amazon roll out products that are already on the Amazon platform. So just relying on PPC or other ranking methods, like Many Chat and Facebook ads, or giveaways through RebateKey, is only going to get you so far. So if we instead focus on branding, and by branding, what I mean is you create a full product line with the same customer base that you have. 


And that is becoming so important now because if we look at the outside of Amazon, to the brick and mortar store model, you would notice that a lot of brands when they launch a new product, they’re not really advertising much on it, all they’re doing is they have loyal brand customers, and they’re coming to the store and being educated on the new products. So similarly, you can take the same model to Amazon. And whenever you have a new product coming in, you can rely on your own customer base, and they can really get that sales velocity going for you. 


So instead of doing 95% giveaways, which by the way are getting people in a lot of trouble, you know, with the recent changes with ManyChat, they have to just go from that model to the other branding model, which is more consistent, and your audience is yours. So they’re not going anywhere and you can rely on them for any product launch. 


5:20 First Product Launch – Where Should Be Your Focus


Yeah, so I like to say, Don’t chase the numbers, chase emotion. And really what that means is yes, on your first product, you will have to rely on a lot of software to validate your products, you will have to rely on search volume numbers to know which keywords are being searched for what volume and really develop a strategy around that. So if it’s like your first launch, maybe focus more on your product page that has to look outstanding. 

So when I go on search pages, and you know, I search for a keyword, your main keyword, your product needs to stand out as one standout with reviews or ratings, because it’s a brand-new product. So all you have to do is get the main image and get all the other images on your product page to look very nice and unique. 


And also differentiate your product. So really going back into the customer mindset and thinking, What am I solving for them? Just like you said, you know, what are we solving? Is it just a product that is selling well, and we’re launching it? Or is it something new that people are complaining about in the review section, and we’re taking care of that. So with the first product, there’s not much you can do because you don’t have any customers. But all you can do is differentiate well, to begin with. 


And once you have that the real branding comes in when you go to the next product, because for the next product, I don’t recommend going back to the software and looking for a completely different product, all you can do is look at your own customer base, and find out exactly what they want, what are the things that they’re trying to solve and develop a branding team around it. 


07:05 Create a Customer Base 


So as an example, if you have a pet product, and let’s say it’s, it’s a pet pee pad, for example. So if there’s a lot of customers, you know, complaining about the pee pad being flimsy or breaking up, you can talk to different suppliers, you can bring in samples and really try to find one that takes care of that problem. And once you have that product on the market, the next one has to be in line with the pet market, because you already have a customer base that you can reach out to. And there’re different ways of doing that. I can talk about that a bit later. But when you have that customer base, you can leverage that and do your second launch, we all know that new product launches have this honeymoon period of two to three weeks. And that’s where ranking the product is really easy. 


Just think about the fact that instead of relying on RebateKey or ManyChat, if you already had customers on, let’s say your Facebook or Instagram accounts, and you know, you’ve developed those email lists and you launch a different product, this time, maybe it’s a chewy toy or something like that. And you just blast it out to them saying “Hey, we’re going to give you 20% off, and we want you to try this new product” That’s where you start developing that brand, because people will buy the product, and they know exactly what to expect from you next, it’s all in line with the pet market. 


07:59 FBA Honeymoon Period and Your Amazon Branding Strategy 


So we have to understand that Amazon’s A9 algorithm is an algorithm. There’s no people behind the software, you know, looking at the products, it’s a bot that is continuously learning and adapting to different products. Now, when a new product comes to the market, Amazon does not have that on it. Let’s say for indexing, it will only index you for the keywords that you put in it. 


So your listing optimization has to be on target and not just your title features bullet points. I mean title features, description, search term and subject matter. You should also fill out some other fields for them. But that’s how the algorithm understands your product. Similarly, knowing how the product is going to do well, relatively to your competition, Amazon needs sales data for that


Because it does not have sales data, that’s why you have two to three weeks of honeymoon period. So if you showed more sales, it will say, okay, for these keywords, this product is one of the hot centers, if you don’t really show more sales, and there’s a six to eight month lag in it, and there’s only a few sales, it’s hard to break that cycle rate that chain for the Amazon algorithm, because it knows that in the past six to eight months, this did not do that many sales. So even if you, let’s say, increase the sales by giveaways or something of that sort or aggressive PPC, Amazon will know that there’s something that changed, but we’re still trying to figure out what that was. And the ranking is a bit slower.


11:12 Can Sellers Get a Second Honeymoon Period?


So, yes, and no, there’s a lot of people talking on the groups about, let’s say, removing all the keywords, completely making it a dead listing and then introducing back the listing content. And that sort of revamps or resets the indexing, and in essence, gives you back to the honeymoon period. But if you think about it, that’s not true. Because Amazon has the data on the product, they know exactly through your BSR fluctuation periodically, they know how your product has performed. So even if you reset it, there might be a very temporary can have, and this is something we’ve tested as well. There is a temporary game. Yes, that’s true. But I’m pretty sure two, three months down the line that won’t be applicable.


Anything that we do to circumvent the algorithm, Amazon will take care of that, because they have a stronger team, and they have a stronger system. So if you look at the progression of all the ranking methods, you know, it started off with just sharing the link of the product, then there’s a lot of URLs that we went through, and now the search find by and now there’s a new one where we do like to add to carts and purchase over existing purchases. 


All of those things are working today. But it doesn’t mean that they’re going to work tomorrow, what’s going to work, you know, even 10 years down the line is pure branding. And that’s what we should focus on. 


14:20 Improve Your Branding: Top 3 Recommendations from Saddam


I think one thing that you touched on is 100% true. The organic conversion rate is extremely crucial. This is a metric that we live by, which is also called the unit session percentage.


There’s no magic bullet to fix it right. So I call it like the three social cues.

  1. How the product appears, you know what people are saying about the product and then what Amazon thinks and in order to break that down, basically what it is is the product appearance is related to the images and the A+ content. What you’re showing the images is what they will see and how they will connect with it. 
  2. The second thing is what people are saying about it, that’s the reviews, very important. You need to have good reviews and good ratings in order for people to get that confidence in it. 
  3. And then the third one is what Amazon thinks about it. So you have, let’s say, Amazon’s choice badge and bestseller badge. That’s like your golden ticket, people understand, and they trust the system on Amazon, and they will buy it. 


So just working towards these social cues will help your ranking on Amazon. 


15:25  Build your Brand Loyalty


But that’s not where you should stop, right? Because you want to have that brand loyalty you want to inspire and you want to invoke that emotion in them. 


And there’s a lot of things that you can do. So understanding what your customers want, knowing what’s important to them, let’s say coupon codes, you know, you have a new launch, give them a coupon code, if you have a brand-new product, you can even do, let’s say, a deal on two different products and have a URL that would take them to the cart with both the products in the cart, and they can maybe redeem at 10% or 20% off. 


Inserts are a really good thing. I know Amazon discourages inserts, but that’s because people ask for reviews. You don’t have to do that reviews are important. But a good product will always get reviews on it. Instead, what you should be focusing on is to get them to become part of the community. So hey, do you want like a free e-book? Or do you want? Do you want to be part of this group? And let’s say if it’s a painting product, why don’t you share your paintings on our Instagram page, something like that, so that it makes it engaging for the customers to be part of your community. And that’s when you will see slowly and steadily in six to eight months, people will also start searching for your brand name as a keyword, and it will show up on let’s say Helium10 or, or any of the other software that you’re using for sales. And then it becomes easier to do the PPC as well.  I’m sure you know of that. Because at the end of the day PPC again is not a magic bullet. It’s  showing your product placing your products in front of the right eyes.


 And and and more often than not people focus on acquiring new customers, why don’t you just work with the customers that you already have.


Another really important thing is storefront designs. If you have three to four products, even that are in the same line, create a good storefront. Ask people to shop there, maybe run sponsored brand ads, you know, get them to the storefront. Sponsored Brand ads, like the video beta ads are performing really well. So leverage that, you know if Amazon just rolled out on last Monday videos for everyone in the US. If you’re getting a video made for your product, you can just get a shorter version of it and use it for your sponsor branded video ads.


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