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Time to read👁️ 5 min. Find your detailed script on how to negotiate the most attractive deals for your business when sourcing from China in the new episode of Dr.Amazon Podcast. Dr. Amazon · Sourcing from China with Francois Jaffres Running an e-commerce business is regarded by gurus as a fast and easy path to wealth. There are multiple videos…

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The Top 5 Amazon Sourcing Mistakes Not To Make in 2021
Lisa Kinskey

by Lisa Kinskey

Marketing Assistant at Noviland Inc

amazon fba issues

Time to read👁️ 5 min. It’s getting to be the time of year when we could all use a little bit of extra money. Gift-giving and feast-eating are almost upon us. Fortunately, if you’re an Amazon seller, there are ways to get extra money, and they don’t require making additional sales.  In this post, we’re exploring the Amazon FBA issues…

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Why Most Amazon Sellers Don’t Track FBA Issues Manually
Dayana Mayfield

by Dayana Mayfield

The head of content for Refunds Manager

amazon fba reimbursement

Time to read👁️ 5 min. Here are 5 things to know about FBA reimbursements that can be useful in turning a loss into a profit. Especially for Amazon sellers that are in need to access more cash. Maximizing FBA reimbursements is a powerful way that assists many FBA sellers in growing their revenue. The scope can be significant Amazon automatically…

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5 Things to Know About Amazon Fba Reimbursement
Yoni Mazor

by Yoni Mazor

Amazon Expert, COO of GETIDA

amazon product

Time to read👁️ 23 min. A brief intro into finding products to sell on Amazon Finding products to sell on Amazon Isn’t as complicated as you may think, but it will take time – a significant part of your time. Actually, this is the most critical part of starting a business. You are choosing the source of your profit so,…

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How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon in 2021 for Free?
Ihor Dubovetskyi

by Ihor Dubovetskyi

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Profit Whales

amazon fba profit

Time to read👁️ 4 min. Nowadays, in times of such severe competition on Amazon, it is very important to understand how essential successful ad campaigns are for running a profitable business. You might think that your ad plan is working out that your advertisement meets all the requested standards and all rules are respected, but where is the profit? To…

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How to run Profitable Amazon Advertising in 2020?
Alex Nyezhnyk

by Alex Nyezhnyk

Co-founder, Profit Whales

Amazon FBA Calendar

Time to read👁️ 2 min. Why would you need some kind of Amazon calendar, if all you want is to sell? I´ll tell you why! Because Amazon has some important dates and holidays in 2020, and it might influence your business. That´s why being prepared for them, one or more months before, can be very important.  Take all you can…

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Amazon FBA Calendar 2021: Holiday Dates For Amazon Sellers
Profit Whales

by Profit Whales

Amazon Advertising Agency powered by Big Data & Data Science

tips for amazon fba

Time to read👁️ 16 min. Never miss an opportunity to speak with an Amazon expert! We at Profit Whales love talking to the Amazon community, both the real-life Sellers and the fellow Agency experts. And sometimes we come across a bunch of people who believe that sharing their experience with the rest of us is a good thing. And we…

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3 Mistakes Selling On Amazon And 3 Tips For Selling On Amazon From Amazon Experts For 2021
Profit Whales

by Profit Whales

Amazon Advertising Agency powered by Big Data & Data Science

get amazon reviews

Time to read👁️ 7 min. Customers can make or break your business. Ihor DubovetskyiCEO How to get reviews on Amazon? Generating reviews is the most crucial part of your Amazon business. Especially in 2020, when there are few white hat tactics left on the table.  Everyone talking about tactics and no one about strategy. You have to make your customers…

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How to run Private Label and get reviews on Amazon?
Ihor Dubovetskyi

by Ihor Dubovetskyi

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Profit Whales

amazon fba profit

Time to read👁️ 5 min. Managing the moving parts of your Amazon business can require a lot of effort and coordination. Add in the operational challenges associated with COVID-19, and it’s clear that automating some essential tasks would help you and your team. Let’s explore ways to keep your business running smoothly and protect profits despite any challenges that come…

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5 Ways to Protect Your Amazon FBA Profit
Becky Trowbridge

by Becky Trowbridge

Content Creator, eComEngine

Amazon Account

Time to read👁️ 6 min. Amazon is a complete ecosystem. If you do only one part, there’s no way you can be successful. For example, you can invest in advertising your products on Amazon, but if you haven’t already optimised the content, you have a much smaller chance of getting the conversion. There are plenty of aspects of selling on…

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How to Make Sure Your Amazon Account is Advertising-Ready?
Jérôme de Guigné

by Jérôme de Guigné

Amazon Expert, e-Comas